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Soap Of The Month Club
The Soap of the Month Club features a unique opportunity to sample a variety of soaps every month! We will automatically ship you bars of soap during the first week of the month! This is such a fun and exciting gift to give yourself or a loved one! Be surprised every month with some new soaps to try! The shipping is automatically included, so you don't have to worry about any shipping costs. We will do our best to change up the variety each month, and this club will have priority seasonal soaps! Flexible and fresh, you can choose between a 6 Month Club or a 12 Month Club.


  Soap Club begins the following month from purchase (for example, if you purchase the club in July, your first shipment will arrive in August). Choose between a 6 Month Club or a 12 Month Club. Shipments will be sent in consecutive months (for example, if you purchase the Club in July, the shipments will be for August, September, and October).

  We will do our best to change the variety of soaps sent each month, but repeats are possible (but probably won't happen). The fun of this Club is the surprise! You never know which soaps you will receive! You may even receive special soaps that never make it to the website!

  You will receive an email when your soaps ship each month, so be sure to sign up for an account with an accurate email address. 

  You will only be billed once for this club, at the time you order. Absolutely NO surprise charges or automatic recurring billing. We hate that and won't do it to you.

  We will automatically ship to the listed "Ship To" address from Pay Pal, so please double-check that it's being sent to the right place!

Have a family? Or do you just bathe a bunch? Pick our triplet, three soap option - receive three hand made soaps every month. We'll also include a bath-time surprise now and then, just for you.

FREE SHIPPING with all subscriptions!

$124.99 - $244.99


Want to make it twice as special? Why not with two amazing soaps, delivered to your home monthly! This option is perfect for someone who bathes's also perfect for couples. We'll occasionally also include a bath-time surprise.

FREE SHIPPING with all subscriptions!

$83.99 - $162.99


Treat yourself or give a gift to a special someone with our One Soap A Month! Receive one amazing soap delivered straight to you monthly. Perfect for the solo-bather that doesn't want to acquire a drawer full of soaps. We'll occasionally also include a bath-time surprise. Join the Soap of the Month Club today and receive 

FREE SHIPPING with all subscriptions!

$47.99 - $92.99

We are now adding shampoo bars to our line of "GREEN" products. We are offering 4 bars, Tea Tree with Goats Milk, Fir Needle / Cedar with Goats Milk, Orange with Goats Milk and Peppermint with Goates Milk . Our premium shampoo bars have a creamy lather that is ideal for shampoo needs. It is fortified with Pure Argan oil, Silk Protein and Honey Protein, which are thought to pamper while helping with moisture and shine. Extracts include Calendula Flower, Aloe, Carrageenan and Sunflower. We use New Zealand Goat's Milk in our soaps. This soap has a luxurious big bubble lather, leaving your hair feeling full and moisturized. Because there is no bottle it's also very ECO friendly, a true "Green" shampoo and airplane friendly, no tossing out or a leaks IN bags anymore.

Other bars you see on the market range from $12 to $20 per bar, most weighing 3.2 oz to 4 oz. We at organically Maine create our own bars and not just wrap them with our label as others do. We sell our bars for $8 and that's for a 4.7oz bar. With our bars you get quality ingredients and almost 50% more shampoos than the competition!

Just because it isn't a liquid, doesn't mean it doesn't do the job! These bars are great.
Fir Needle / Cedar
Orange / Lemon
Tea Tree
Normally - $32.00 + $10.00

SPECIAL Now Through April 13TH.
$25.00 + $3.00 SHIPPING

Here's a little package we've put together for Mothers Day this year. We've put together a box full of many of our NEW products, that any Mother would love to have. Included in our MOTHERS DAY BOX are:

- 7 assorted guest bars of our 85% Organic soap
- A tube of our "GREEN" .3oz Lip Balm in a "paper board" tube, NOT Plastic!!!
- One of our lotion sticks.
- 4oz bottle of our Body/Linen Mist
- 4.5oz Shampoo bar
- Bath Salt Sampler Tube. They hold 3.5oz of salts, or three baths. You can measure with a scoop, but each serving is divided by a layer of rose petals. Also great in travel bags.
- 8oz Shower Gel with a high quality premium nylon puff.
- Large Bath Bomb.

Retail if all bought separately with shipping is $85.00, but this can be yours for our SPECIAL price of $53.50!.