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Soap Of The Month Club
The Soap of the Month Club features a unique opportunity to sample a variety of soaps every month! We will automatically ship you bars of soap during the first week of the month! This is such a fun and exciting gift to give yourself or a loved one! Be surprised every month with some new soaps to try! The shipping is automatically included, so you don't have to worry about any shipping costs. We will do our best to change up the variety each month, and this club will have priority seasonal soaps! Flexible and fresh, you can choose between a 6 Month Club or a 12 Month Club.


  Soap Club begins the following month from purchase (for example, if you purchase the club in July, your first shipment will arrive in August). Choose between a 6 Month Club or a 12 Month Club. Shipments will be sent in consecutive months (for example, if you purchase the Club in July, the shipments will be for August, September, and October).

  We will do our best to change the variety of soaps sent each month, but repeats are possible (but probably won't happen). The fun of this Club is the surprise! You never know which soaps you will receive! You may even receive special soaps that never make it to the website!

  You will receive an email when your soaps ship each month, so be sure to sign up for an account with an accurate email address. 

  You will only be billed once for this club, at the time you order. Absolutely NO surprise charges or automatic recurring billing. We hate that and won't do it to you.

  We will automatically ship to the listed "Ship To" address from Pay Pal, so please double-check that it's being sent to the right place!

Have a family? Or do you just bathe a bunch? Pick our triplet, three soap option - receive three hand made soaps every month. We'll also include a bath-time surprise now and then, just for you.

FREE SHIPPING with all subscriptions!

$124.99 - $244.99


Want to make it twice as special? Why not with two amazing soaps, delivered to your home monthly! This option is perfect for someone who bathes's also perfect for couples. We'll occasionally also include a bath-time surprise.

FREE SHIPPING with all subscriptions!

$83.99 - $162.99


Treat yourself or give a gift to a special someone with our One Soap A Month! Receive one amazing soap delivered straight to you monthly. Perfect for the solo-bather that doesn't want to acquire a drawer full of soaps. We'll occasionally also include a bath-time surprise. Join the Soap of the Month Club today and receive 

FREE SHIPPING with all subscriptions!

$47.99 - $92.99

Here's a sample list of the many Soaps For Winter we offer. And because of your support in our Kickstarter, we will be offering them to you at a special REDUCED now through November. Make the perfect gifts for friends and family in the Holiday Season.

Can't Elope Papa - Green apples and cantaloupe with an undertone of papaya fruit.

Grannie Rosie - Green apples mixed with our beautiful rose fragrance. Contains sea salt and rose petals as exfoliants.

Banana Boat - Bananas mixed with oranges and hints of cherry and kiwi.

Very Berry - A beautiful blend of our top berry fragrances with nice sage undertones.

Tropical Explosion - Fruity explosion! Apple, pear, orange and other fruits mixed with a light coconut fragrance. Contains sea salt as an exfoliant.

Cranberry Bogg - Freshly picked cranberries with hints of clove, cinnamon, and rosemary.

Queen's Garden - Lily, lilac, rose, hyacinth and about a dozen other florals are packed into this one!

Honeysuckle Rose - Top notch pure honeysuckle fragrance. Contains rose petals!

Kaffir Lime - Lime top notes with hints of citrus and amber.

Raspberry Heart - Our fresh raspberry fragrance blended with sweet peppermint.

Apple Of My Eye - Red and green apples with mango and green floral undertones.

Peppermint Tea - White tea fragrance blended with sweet peppermint oil. Contains peppermint leaves as an exfoliant.

Black Bean Raspberry - Black raspberries blended with vanilla beans.

Gulf Of Maine - Mens type fragrance. Smells like a sporty cologne.

Honeydew Cucumber- Honeydew melons mixed with freshly sliced cucumbers.

Katahdin Run Off Scrub - Cool Water type fragrance blended with aloe vera and other greens. Deep but subtle. Contains ground oatmeal and sea salt as an exfoliant.

Orange Mix - Sweet orange and plumeria with patchouli, amber, vanilla, atop about a dozen other fragrances. Contains activated charcoal.

Oakie Dokie Lavender Scrub - Oak Moss fragrance with our favorite lavender blend. Contains sea salt as an exfoliant.

Rose Petal Musk - Sweet perfume with musky undertones. Contains rose petals!

April Showers Scrub - Super green fragrance. Smells like a lush garden after a spring rain. No sweetness here, all green and not overly earthy. Contains sea salt as an exfoliant.

Citrus Spring Blast - Triple citrus blast of lime, lemon, and sweet orange.

Frog Spit Scrub - Sage and other mild greens. Contains sea salt, peppermint leaves, and ground oatmeal as exfoliants.

Wild Flowers - Green flora, hyacinth, rose, lily and much more

PACKAGE              RETAIL COST              S/H                   YOUR KICKSTARTER PRICE
                                                                                                  WITH FREE SHIPPING 

5 BAR ASSORTMENT               $30.00                   $7.00                                     $25.00

9 BAR ASSORTMENT             $54.00                  $12.00                                     $50.00

20 BAR ASSORTMENT                           $120.00                 $15.00                                      $99.00

If there is a specific soap you want, you can list it in the message area when ordering and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Questions can be emailed to:

Balsam Fir & Cedar Soap
5 Bars
Perfect for the Winter months. Smells of the Maine woods. Comes with its own pine soap dish. Bright white in color with green swirls. Big bubble foam for an exceptional lathering experience. BIG hand cut bars averaging 7.3 ounces. 
Retail Value/shipping- $42.50
SPECIAL/shipping - $38.00

Fairy Soap Set of 5

My daughter grew up loving fairies. She still has fairies all over her room and walls at home, though she is now off on her own. This inspired me to put together a line of fairy soaps. Great for a guest bath but perfect for that special little girl whose imagination runs wild. Lathers wonderfully promoting moisture and softening. Made with Essential Oil. You’ll get 5 different Fairy bars, all different scents and shapes. No two the same!!

Retail Value/shipping- $27.50
SPECIAL/shipping - $23.00

5 Gift Bags

You will receive 5 gift bags, each with three bars of our favorite soaps, no two bars the same. Will also include a tube of our favorite Lip Balm for the winter months
Retail Value/shipping- $82.50
SPECIAL/shipping- $70.00