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About Organically Maine
Welcome to Organically Maine, an all natural handmade soap company. As we are not "certified" organic at this time, we offer a line of soaps where 85% of the ingredients in each bar of soap are Certified Organic. We also have our line of Hand Crafted, which also uses many organic ingredients. We hope to apply one day for certification to label our products organic through the USDA since we far exceed their minimum standard of 70%. Unfortunately the process takes time and is expensive to do. Our primary focus at this time is to deliver high quality soaps. 

We have also developed a designer line, Hand Crafted, in addition to our "85% Organic", and a line of Bath Bombs and Lotions, some of which will be infused with CBD. In addition, we have a Soap Of The Month Club for those that would like to experience all of our soaps without having to continually reorder.
Our CBD lotion is UNSCENTED and contains 250mg of Crystal Isolate, CBD in it's purest form and 99% pure. Zero THC. Zero Smell. Pure White. Nothing Synthetic. No Residual Solvents. No Heavy Metals. 100% legal everywhere!